Dreamforce ’11 ResponseAudit shows the Lead Response Bar is Low as Ever!

You would think after four years of doing a “Secret Shopper” on the attendees of Dreamforce the response times to fictitious leads submitted to their websites would get faster, wouldn’t you?

Not so.

In fact we dropped from 41 hours to 42 hours this year as the average time taken to respond to a lead. At least we are slightly more persistent with an average number of calls before giving up of 1.1, versus 1.07. The data makes me look like I’m being sarcastic, but I’m not.

Some companies, like the behemoth Symantec, really get it. Their response time came in the best at 51 seconds. And companies like Treehouse Interactive demonstrated that they keep getting it because they were ranked #7 in 2011 and were also ranked in the top 100 back in 2009.

But not many others are seeing the low hanging fruit that they could grab if they just responded immediately and persistently to their leads.

How important is it?

Well the original study we did that was most impactful was with Dr. James Oldroyd.

Inc. Magazine just published a summary of this research with a link to the original study.

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