Why Email Marketing Is An Important Part Of Your Sales Process

Email marketing is a vital part of any sales process because it does a lot of things other marketing cannot. We’ve put together an overview of why email marketing is important and why you should be using it.

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    1. Why Email Marketing is Important
      1. It Has a Wide Reach
      2. It Gathers Leads
      3. It Keeps You On the Radar
      4. It Builds a Personal Bond
      5. It Enables You to Collect Feedback
      6. It’s Cost-Effective
    2. Does Email Marketing Work?

Why Email Marketing is Important?

There are a few perks to email marketing that you can’t get with any other type of marketing. For example:

It Has a Wide Reach

More so than other forms of marketing, it’s easy to get emails to anyone in the world. Your audience could be halfway around the globe or just down the block, and it would be equally challenging to get your marketing message to them either way — that is, not difficult at all.

Not only is the reach of email marketing vast, but it is exacting, whereas most forms of marketing are sent out into the aether with the hope they will reach their intended audience. Email marketing is specifically addressed to each individual you want to reach. Opening emails requires very little effort, so it’s highly likely your exact target will end up opening the marketing email as long as it’s given an intriguing subject line.

Sending out a fleet or targeted email marketing to a massive list of selected individuals is as simple as copying and pasting a file into your email client.

It Gathers Leads

a business man sending emails online | it generates leads

Email marketing isn’t a one-way channel, like most forms of marketing. It makes it easy for recipients to answer questions or fill in information if desired.

With this interactivity, email marketers can find their most promising recipients. People who not only have enough interest to respond to the email but who also provide suitable answers to the questions asked. The process is easy for both you and the recipient, which means you’ll gather leads at a much quicker rate than with other marketing media.

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It Keeps You On the Radar

Even if a marketing email does not actually result in a lead, it is a great way to remind recipients that you are there and ready to receive inquiries.

When a marketing email shows up in someone’s personal inbox, it is hard for them to tune it out entirely like they can with most forms of marketing, which are generally more passive. They will more than likely at least glance at the subject line, and at that point, you have reinforced your own brand.

It Builds a Personal Bond

A person’s email inbox is generally their own private space, so the emails that show up in it tend to take on a personal feel that most forms of marketing don’t. It’s a perfect opportunity to build a personal connection with recipients.

Include some friendly, casual flourishes in your marketing email to make it feel like a friendly how-do-you-do. These things, combined with the naturally personal vibe of the email, will make customers feel special like your company considers them a friend and not just a potential money-maker.

Check out these four customizable email marketing templates that focus on building a personal connection

It Enables You to Collect Feedback

Like we mentioned above, text fields in mass emails are a quick way to collect lots of responses from targeted recipients. But leads aren’t the only thing that can be collected; you can also ask for suggestions to improve your own company’s service.

Most recipients won’t take the time to respond with feedback. Cast a wide enough net, though, and some will. The respondents will feel you care about their opinions, which will increase their loyalty to your company. The responses are also a source of constructive criticism, which is extremely valuable for any company.

It’s Cost-Effective

On top of all the advantages we’ve listed here, email marketing is low-cost. It can be free, in fact, if you’re writing the emails yourself and using mailing lists you’ve already acquired.

You could hire a professional email marketer to write your email, a designer to format it and make it attractive, and a coder to build lead collection forms and systems. You could also purchase a mailing list to reach the ideal audience for whatever you’re marketing. Even if you do all of these things, it will probably be much cheaper than a more traditional marketing campaign.

WebFX reports, having an agency do your email marketing costs only $300-$500 per month for mid-sized companies, which may be cheaper than doing it in-house if you’re trying to produce high-quality campaigns.

Does Email Marketing Work?

Email marketing works better than most forms of marketing, despite being cheaper. The Data and Marketing Association reports that 99% of people check their email at least once a day. Only about 20% of emails are actually opened. Still, knowledgeable email marketers know how to be included in that 20% more often than not (for the record, the best way is by offering a discount in the subject line). The result is an estimated $38 revenue for every $1 spent on effective email marketing.

You now know a little about why email marketing is important. Email marketing is essential and is too often unused by small- to medium-sized businesses. We hope the advantages we’ve listed will persuade you to start making use of it.


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