Five Secrets to Using Video in Sales

If you haven’t heard, video is here to stay. We did a research study and found that only 10.4% of salespeople say they are using video in sales. What does that mean for you? It should scream opportunity. Remember when it comes to prospecting, different is good so if nobody is doing it, you should probably consider it. The question is, what are the secrets to using video in sales and can you win with this emerging technology? 


Secret One: The Recording

Don’t be shy. Put on your big boy pants and get it done. Stand up, be authentic, and be excited. Feel free to use a different background as people like “real.” Don’t have trash or messy desks behind you, that’s too real 🙂 Use technology, I’d recommend Vidyard with XANT Playbooks. It streamlines and makes it simple. 


Secret One: The Length

Shorter is going to be better here. People have short attention spans so match that, especially in initial prospecting. Try to keep your video less than 60 seconds. Not only does this work best for prospects but it also allows you to test multiple different variables to figure what’s working and what’s not working.


Secret Two: The Subject Line

With an email, the subject line determines if people are going to open it or not and since videos are embedded in subject lines, guess what determines if someone will watch your video or not? That’s right, subject lines. The key with subject lines is to keep it short. Our research stays 10 characters works best. It’s powerful to use the prospects name in the subject line and the word video.


Secret Three: The Body

With the email open, you now need your prospect to watch it. Don’t mess around here. Get to the point and the point is the video. 

  • Introduction: Keep it short and personal. Hi or hey is going to be best.
  • Body: Make it relevant and personal to the prospect while connecting it to a customer success story if possible.
  • Call to Action: Tell them to watch the video

Secret Four: The Thumbnail 

Don’t send the actual email file, it’s too big. You’re going to want to put a personalized thumbnail into your email with your face on it. Lastly, on the thumbnail, you’ll want to put a play button to show the prospect that if they click on the picture, they can play the video. Don’t forget this step, it’s super important. 


Secret Five: The Follow-Up 

Don’t think you can send just one email with a video and be done. Like all good cadences, you should follow up your video with other communication methods, like phone, email, social, etc. Remember, the more channels you can use often, the better. 


There you have it. Enjoy using video in your prospecting strategies and if you don’t, I will! 


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