– Social Nurturing: 7 Critical Steps to ACQUIRE Influential Contacts through Social Media

Have you had difficulty getting to know influential people? Have you tried social media? XANT has developed a new and powerful model in how to develop relationships, we call it Social Nurturing.

Part of what makes social media so effective is the fact that it grants tools and access to people like the world has never seen before.

With LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Blogging, Klout, and the other plethora of social media out there, XANT has been testing their ability to develop a relationship and move someone through our Social Nurturing process called AQUIRE.

  1. Awareness: They have to know you exist.
  2. Curiosity: They have to be curious about you and what you do.
  3. Qualify: You need to decide if it is worth building a relationship with them.
  4. Understanding: They need enough information to know roughly what you do.
  5. Interest: What you do must be intriguing to them.
  6. Relevance: Both parties should have meaningful value for each other.
  7. Entertain: They need to be willing to spend time to see where this relationship can go, and you need to make it fun, interesting, and compelling enough to do so.

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Social Nurturing: 7 Critical Steps to ACQUIRE Influentrial Contacts through Social Media

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