ON24’s Webinars that Rocked in 2012 Features Inside Sales – We Made It!

ON24, the cloud-based webinar and online conference technology company, has announced their final broadcast of 2012 will be “Webinars that Rocked in 2012” on December 5th. XANT is excited to announce it will be featured as one of the top five.

Every year, ON24 supports thousands of webinars including international companies, and for their last broadcast of the year they have selected the best of the best to be highlighted and showcase best practices and techniques to drive user engagement. During the 45 minute presentation, Mark Bornstein, ON24’s Director of Content Marketing, will go over the five webinars that showcase just how influential and powerful webinars can be.

Those interested in incorporating webinars into their lead-generating line-up, or want to increase the value and user engagement of your current webinar strategy can register for the webinar here:

Webinars that Rocked in 2012

Some of the key points that will be discussed include:
• How to deliver quality audience experience
• How to get the most out of video integration
• How to use social media to engage your audience more
• How to increase lead acquisition
• How to extend your webinars life

Make sure to register for this event and learn how to create a better webinar from the examples that will be shared.

To view the XANT webinar library, featuring best practices surrounding the inside sales space, visit www.www.insidesales.com/webinar.

From your experience, what do you think makes a good webinar? Do you have any best practices you’ve found have increased the value of your webinars? Let us know in the comment box.

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