Four Factors and Three Practices for Qualified Leads

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Remote Sales needs leads. Good Leads. Leads that will become customers. This kind of lead is not easy to find, though there are some companies that would tell you otherwise.

These companies make their profits by selling what they want you to believe are leads. In reality they are often little more than a long list of contact information. Anybody with a phone book could gather a lead just as useful (or useless!).

What separates lists from leads is qualification. Leads are qualified by four factors, and to be good leads they need at least 2 or three of these factors. The four factors are:

  1. Need
  2. Urgency
  3. Decision Making Capability
  4. Money

While there are some companies that sell leads that are more pre-qualified than those next to useless lists – there may be no better source for leads that meet the four qualifying factors than your own corporate website.

Visitors to your site are already showing a sign of interest – and many of them came to your site looking for a solution to a need. Visitors who use the internet expect immediate results – reflecting urgency. Already two of the four qualifiers have been met.

To really cash in on the power of self generated web leads, three things need to be done. First, your website needs to attract visitors through paid ads or SEO. Second, your website needs to be specifically designed to generate leads. Third, these leads need to be contacted quickly once they are received. Ideally these leads need to be contacted within minutes of the web form being filled and submitted.

If you do purchase qualified leads from a Pay-Per-Lead company, remember that calling those leads immediately is still incredibly important. That lead you purchased was also sold to several of your competitors, but 50% of net sales from these leads go to whichever vendor calls first.

Dialer technology shines as the best way to call these fresh, qualified leads while they are still hot. However, whatever system your company uses, you cannot afford to have these valuable leads sit around and wait to be contacted!

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