MDeverywhere Uses Salesforce CRM and XANT Dialer to Increase Productivity by 33.3%

MDeverywhere is a medical billing service and practice management solution whose leadership wanted to increase the internal productivity of their people and processes. Elin McNally, Director of New Business Development, began searching for technology to increase dials and overall productivity in mid-2007. The original search was between DataTel and Five9. Elin’s team decided to go with DataTel. Then DataTel got acquired and stopped supporting the dialer; putting Elin’s team in a difficult situation.

The sales team at MDeverywhere was already using so the ideal dialing solution would have to integrate with their Salesforce CRM. A call to their Salesforce Sales Rep and an explanation of what they were trying to accomplish brought them a quick recommendation to try out XANT.

XANT is the only fully integrated power dialer technology in Salesforce designed for B2B companies. A power dialer with productivity-enhancing power tools keeps the agent in charge of the call without the pauses, clicks, or abandoned calls of a predictive dialer software.

“There was no other player in the ballpark,” explained Elin. “The XANT system gave us the reporting, integration with Salesforce, time tracking, and web-based remote access that we needed. We placed a huge burden on XANT by asking them to have the system up and running by January 1st, 2009 when we only met them at the end of November, 2008. InsideSales went the extra-mile helping me until 1am EST over the phone with data migration and integration.”

XANT launched at Dreamforce ’08 and brought on over twenty customers including Omniture, Dun & Bradstreet, and Infopia before 2009. That number more than doubled again in 2009. Though experiencing occasional hiccups Elin explains, “So far, so good. We especially appreciate the immediate response via email and phone calls we get from XANT; that is very important to us.”

Known as the pioneer of immediate response technologies through landmark lead response management research done in conjunction with Kellogg, MIT, SKKU, and infoUSA, XANT is known for immediate response to service inquiries with response times averaging less than ten minutes and issue resolution times averaging under two hours.

When asked how XANT compared to DataTel, Elin shared numbers that show dial numbers increasing 75% over original manual dialing, a 33.3% increase over DataTel. “The web-based application is more user-friendly for our work-from-home agents than Data-Tel and the audio quality is excellent on every call. We are excited at the updates being announced at Dreamforce ’09 and looking forward to a more stream-lined work process in 2010.”


About XANT
XANT is building their next generation of lead management and phone dialer software natively inside of and will be demonstrating this new lead response management technology in booth #213 at Dreamforce ’09, the annual trade show by XANT is a Salesforce AppExchange vendor.

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Ken Krogue

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