How Can You Get the Most out of Your Dialer?

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Happy Friday! I’m Sam, and you can expect me to publish regularly here on The Insider. In large measure I’ll be writing about the “what is” of Inside Sales – defining some of the industry jargon and outlining some of the best practices and tools. Today I want to write about one of the most basic tools in remote sales – the Phone Dialer

How can you get the most out of your Telephone Dialer?

Today’s phone dialers often come in a suite of “power tools.” These integrated features go a long way in increasing the productivity of individual sales reps as well as entire sales teams.

Dialers automatically patch calls through to sales representatives. These calls are placed based off of an uploaded contact list and it increases the number of calls each rep can dial in a single day. A dialer can triple the amount of contacts made in a typical eight hour work day, reduce the time spent dialing individual numbers, and eliminate the human errors that occur with manual dialing.

CTI (computer telephony integration) technology provides even more automated control to sales representatives using an dialer. This technology connects the dialer to a CRM (customer relationship management system).

With CTI, previously collected data on each call is automatically displayed on the sales representative’s computer screen. This lets the rep know what needs to occur with each call he or she is making. This information can be edited and added to while the call is taking place, and notes and follow up tasks can be uploaded from that screen directly into the companies CRM.

Lead nurturing technology also enhances the productivity of an automatic dialer. Lead nurturing is the process of preparing leads to convert into customers in the future. This often involves the use of fax, email, and voice messaging. These options can be integrated right into an auto dialer’s interface, which gives sales reps the option of quickly leaving these messages without having to spend a lot of time doing so. Pre-made and recorded messages are stored within the dialer’s message library, and with a mouse click sales reps can send these messages to their prospects while they move onto another call. The dialer will leave even voice messages automatically, and the sales rep does not have to wait for the message to be completed before he disconnects from the call.

Dialers are versatile tools that can be used in lead generation as well as in contacting leads. They can even be successfully used in customer service and customer care programs. Dialers help employees make better use of their time, contact more lead, and reach their sales goals. Dialers are customizable to meet any business’s needs, and are a valuable investment for any inside sales team.

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