How to Get Comments on Your Blog

As you know if you are reading this, we recently launched The Insider, The Official Blog of XANT.

So we are trying to figure out how to blog. It is amazing that we have gone this long and become quite good at driving traffic to our site through SEO and PPC without ever having a blog.

Our customers, our prospects, the people waiting for our new book to be done, and our friends at told us we were crazy and said we better get going. So we did.

Now what?

We are starting to get disciplined to write about twice a week. I decided to start my own blog at and focus more on cool stories about things I have been learning, how to’s, new companies, and technologies, etc.

The Insider will be more specific to the inside sales or remotely sales industry, and will have essays, cools ideas, and a whole section of how-to’s that our customers have been asking for.

So we are starting to write… now we want to hear back from you.

This is easier said than done.  How do we get people to engage in a discussion, to write comments on our blog?

We honestly didn’t know.

So we asked our friends at, the experts.

Here is what they said:

  1. Nobody likes to be first, get a few friends to ‘prime the pump’ with a few comments initially. (Isn’t that cheating?)
  2. Comment other peoples blogs that are interesting or relevant and either they or their readers will come to your blog. (Isn’t that work?)
  3. Write valuable stuff. (Does that mean we have to think?)
  4. Share cool tips, tricks, and research. (Now that we can do.)
  5. Ask for comments. (Duh, that was obvious.)

Ok, we are rolling up our sleeves to start engaging in this exciting world of social networking on the topics of dialers, remote selling, lead response management, lead management, and lead generation.

We are honestly going to start sharing some amazing research, information, tips and tricks, and even a whole book is on its way out of the editors desktops soon.

Here is another great article on getting comments on your blog:

So hey, how about your thoughts? Maybe a few comments?

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