XANT Headquarters Feel Revolutionary by Design

_MG_9608XANT has been built on an ambitious goal – to revolutionize the way companies use data to sell and solve business challenges.

Our new worldwide headquarters in Provo, Utah, reflect this revolutionary zeal in look and feel.

“We’ve led the inside sales revolution and shown organizations of all sizes a more effective, more efficient way to sell,” XANT CEO Dave Elkington said. “We will continue to transform the way buyers and sellers interact through advanced data science and the application of predictive analytics and self-learning systems.”

To that end, when the company outgrew its old office space, it designed its new headquarters around an “Industrial Revolution” theme with wood and metal desks, uncarpeted concrete hallways, and rugged décor that makes our guests exclaim, “I should have brought a blowtorch to this board meeting!”


That’s the XANT way. If you had any doubt, here are our company values:

XANT Culture

We call our employees accelerators, and we now have close to 700 across offices in Provo, Salt Lake City, San Mateo, Calif., and London.

The Provo headquarters feature an open floor plan, where even the execs don’t have offices, large windows and data visualizations on the walls. All of these elements combine to create a space where accelerators can collaborate, innovate and grow the company.


Even during the height of the Industrial Revolution, people took breaks.

So, we’ve included a few fun spots for XANT accelerators to enjoy:

  • Small break room with video games
  • Medium break room with pinball machines and retro arcade games
  • Large break room with Coca-Cola Freestyle machine, hot chocolate machine and ping pong tables

Growth definitely has its challenges, but it also has its rewards. We love our new office space, and we invite you to visit us the next time you’re in Utah.

To learn about exciting career opportunities at XANT, check out our Careers Page.

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