How PowerDialer Transforms Inside Sales Reps into the Sales Iron Man

It’s safe to say I’m a huge fan of the movie “Iron Man.” I like the idea of a normal guy being able to do extraordinary things. That’s what the films are all about. Tony Stark is a regular guy that hasn’t been genetically enhanced. He doesn’t have any typical super powers. He’s figured out how to use technology to his advantage and enable him to accomplish more than the ordinary man ever could.

This same idea is also found in the software industry. Software provides technological power to accomplish what we couldn’t easily do on our own. Within the XANT sales automation platform, sales reps are given tools to make them more efficient and perform their jobs in ways they couldn’t do working in the field or with a regular predictive dialer.

With the XANT PowerDialer, a sales manager is able to take a sales rep who is driven and competitive (two qualities every sales rep should have) and turn them into a sales machine.

In the dialer, a huge variety of products and features provide access to everything a sales rep needs to optimize the remote selling process. How does it do this? It’s designed around best practices found in our original lead response research study. The study has been published in the Harvard Business Review, Inc., and

Here are some of the key findings:

  1. Companies aren’t responding fast enough to web-generated leads, and
  2. They don’t respond persistently enough to leads.

Why does this matter and how does it create a sales machine? It’s because the odds of contacting a lead if called within five minutes versus waiting 30 minutes are 100x greater. Additionally, the chances of the lead entering the sales cycle are 21x greater if called within five minutes versus 30. Without these best practices you’re leaving hundreds of potential leads on the table. This is where the XANT sales automation platform becomes non-negotiable.

In a recent video that XANT put on their YouTube channel, “Joe the Salesman,” this idea is further explained in a fun, animated way. View the video on XANT YouTube channel.

Any sales organization that doesn’t provide these tools to their sales reps isn’t getting the most possible results from their sales team and is losing money. See for yourself; get a live demo or a free trial of the XANT PowerDialer now.

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