How to Increase Inside Sales Rep Call Volume by 30% with Sales Technology

Increase Call Volume by 30% with Sales Automation TechnologyIzenda, LLC, a new client of XANT, increased their daily dials by 30 percent in just three weeks. How did they do it?

Louie Bernstein, Chief Sales Officer at Izenda, was using the CRM and Skype as the main phone system. However, before implementing the PowerDialer for Salesforce, his sales process was full of manual processes which slowed down his team.

In order to create a call list, a rep had to manually setup filters that would pull lists out of the Salesforce CRM. Then they had to paste those records into Excel before manually dialing each contact. His reps struggled to make 50 calls per day on this system.

Frustration led Louie to look for an expanded set of sales automation tools. After evaluating several vendor products, XANT was chosen because it met his key criteria, and it was the only dialer technology able to work with Skype. As a cloud-based system, PowerDialer handles both legs of the call connection and will work with most any phone system.

After the implementation process, which was complete within hours, Louie began to change processes and look for improvements based on the new feature set now at his fingertips. For example, using reports generated by PowerDialer and Salesforce, Louie noticed that 45 percent of his cold calls were going to voicemail.  With the auto-voicemail capabilities inherent in PowerDialer, instead waiting for the beep and leaving a 30-second message, now, with a click-of-the-mouse, his reps could cause the system to leave a pre-recorded message as they moved on to the next call.

Another benefit of XANT was the Dynamic Seek List capabilities, which replaced the old, manual Excel call list process. Using Seek list, a rep or manager creates a search against the Izenda’s contacts in Salesforce. For example, he could set a filter that searches for all leads that haven’t been contacted in the last 90 days, in which a sales rep made contact and talked for X number of minutes and the lead expressed interest, which could be identified by a particular lead status setting. The best part – once a search list is created, that list refreshes automatically every hour, ensuring the reps are contacting the best leads first. Additionally, you can have another rule that immediately pops any new, inbound lead to the top of an active call list.

For the full story on the success that Louie has experienced since implementing PowerDialer for Salesforce, download the Izenda case study. Be sure to also look at our numerous other case studies available on our corporate website.

What successes have you had using XANT products? Share the love and let us know in the comment box.

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