How to Triple Daily Dials with PowerDialer for Salesforce Sales Technology

ChartLogic, a healthcare IT company founded in 1994, recently experienced an increase in daily dial rates by 3x. How on Earth did they accomplish it?

To supply some background, ChartLogic’s sales team is broken into two groups: inside and outside. The inside team is responsible for the majority of outbound cold calling, lead follow up and appointment setting. The inside team was averaging 40 to 50 calls per day using a manual dialer. Inbound leads, usually internet-generated, are received by territory managers. These reps were experiencing organizational issues in their ability to track their lead response time as well as missed opportunities. Both of the sales teams at ChartLogic use the Salesforce® CRM.

This lack of tracking and missing opportunities was before ChartLogic implemented PowerDialer for Salesforce, the most downloaded dialer app in the AppExchange.

“We were looking for a way to improve productivity and efficiency,” said Chris Burch, Technical Sales Manager over the inside sales team. “We wanted to find something that could improve our dial rates.” A sales consultant Burch knew of, whose organization did outbound work and set appointments, had mentioned they were getting useful results with XANT.

“For me, it was all about what the product could do from the standpoint of improving call volume,” Burch said. “The results told me it was worth moving forward.”

It wasn’t long after implementing the PowerDialer suite that outbound cold calling productivity increased from about 50 calls per day per rep to about 150. “That was a huge deal for us,” he said. “We definitely increased the raw number of appointments set.”

Additionally, using Seek Lists, the dynamic call-list creation features available with PowerDialer, the inbound team can define a set of search criteria, create a call list and know that every 90 minutes that call list is automatically refreshed. Instead of spending about 50 percent of their time calling leads, it’s now down to 5 or 10 percent of their time. It’s a combination of the auto-dialer and the call-list creation features available that has enabled this gain in productivity.

For the full story on the success that ChartLogic has experienced since implementing PowerDialer for Salesforce, download the ChartLogic case study. Be sure to also look at our numerous other case studies available on our corporate website.

What successes have you had using XANT products? Share the love and let us know in the comment box.

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