How We Get the Most SEO PR for the Money

I just got back this afternoon from a great workshop on SEO techniques by one of our favorite partners on the topic,  I have tweeted a bunch of the epiphanies I gathered but one that came up that I get asked a lot about is the topic of this post:

How to get the most for your money with a SEO-optimized press release.

You may not know about how frugal XANT is; we have built our company without ever taking venture capital and we were recently ranked by Utah Business as #10 in Utah for growth (See September Issue of Utah Business).  I bring this up because we did it organically by scrimping and saving yet keeping one foot on the gas pedal when everyone else in our industry is just trying to find ways to spend their venture money (rather than their own earnings.) Not us, this is our money and we are very careful with it.  Or, to put it another way; we are very “fiscally efficient,” and proud of it.

Why is SEO important?  The best leads that close into the biggest deals.

Why is PR important? The 2nd or 3rd best way to improve SEO.

The players in the market for SEO optimized press releases seem to be:


We shopped all of them and tested some of them.  Who do we use for press release distribution? Marketwire.

Marketwire was by far the most cost effective while bringing lots of great tools for SEO.  If there is a more effective news wire, we haven’t found it yet (please bring it on!)  Marketwire also has a cool new SEO auditing tool that you run on the draft of your press release before you send it and it tells you everything you ought to do to increase the power of SEO within the release.  Of course, a few things look like they are trying to upsell additional addons that cost more money like images and video.  But hey, that is to be expected.

We send most of our ads through the state distribution model that they offer instead of the national distribution and it is one-fourth of the price, yet we get about two-thirds of the distribution.

Recently we have tried the Tech Hot Spots distribution that they offer which costs 2.5 times what the state distribution offers and we seem to get about twice the distribution.  So when we do product specific press releases we stick with this, otherwise we go through the state distribution.

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