Independent Dream Dinners Franchise Experiences 15% Yearly Revenue Increase with PowerDialer

Dream Dinners, Inc. was created with the purpose for customers to create ready-made, frozen meals for their families. Customers follow color coded recipes at set up stations, saving on time and helping with convince. Dream Dinners tries to bring back the quality time around the table.

Sounds like a pretty cool concept, right? The problem the Orem, Utah location faced was the owner, entrepreneur Jean Colarussa, was having difficulty keeping track of, following up with, and managing all her customers.

Before integrating the XANT system Jean kept a messy binder filled with sheets of paper full of hand scribbled notes. She knew she needed something to make things easier for keeping track and managing her customers. That’s when she reached out the InsideSales to help her small business and began using PowerDialer. “[I] needed to connect better with [my] existing clients, get more out of the inquiries [I was] getting,” Jean explained.

The PowerDialer by XANT helped Jean increase productivity enough to place her Orem location as the May 2011 third highest revenue-producing Dream Dinners franchise in the United States.

“We set a goal in January [2011] to have a 15% total increase in year-over-year revenue,” Jean said, “and we’ve blown that out of the water.”

Not only has Jean and her business partner Danielle Mahoney been able to keep up with customers, but they were also able to save on payroll. Jean said the PowerDialer helped with payroll by making the process of contacting much faster. With the new benefit of speed that the tool provided, Jean was finding she didn’t need to spend a half-hour to an hour planning her call strategy. Jean said she was able to just sit down and get to work.“Hands down, it makes me more effective with my time,” she said. “We don’t lose any prospects, and we track them so easily now.”

After nearly doubling their year-to-date revenue goal, Jean said they’ve been able to do more targeted campaigns with the dialer. It has allowed her to be creative because she can tell the PowerDialer to do whatever she wants.

“We’ve tried things in the past, but nothing compares. The efficiency of the PowerDialer means I don’t have to spend 30 or 60 minutes planning out my call strategy, I can sit down and be immediately effective.”

Take a look at this video case study featuring Dream Dinners. Additionally, you can also view a print case study on the experience of Dream Dinners.

What has been your experience in using XANT sales automation technologies? Let us know in the comment box below.

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