Inside Sales and Marketing Alignment – Practice What We Preach

As a sales or marketing professional, it’s fairly obvious that these two departments work closely together – or at least they should. Marketing is responsible for generating quality leads for sales, and sales is responsible for contacting and closing those leads and generating revenue.

In order for these departments to be successful and drive business, they need to be closely aligned. Most of you aren’t aware that XANT recently moved our corporate office. We’re still in the same building, but now we take up the entire second floor.

The primary reason for our move was that we had completely outgrown our old space (not the worst problem to have). Additionally, it was an opportunity to totally rethink our alignment as a company. Before our move, we were separated by different rooms and cubicles. Now, both sales and marketing are in one giant room. Our teams have been able to work together and align our strategy in a way we’ve never done before.

“The new space seems more fun,” said Warren Reeder, Website Optimization Specialist at XANT. “There is more going on, more of a buzz around the office. It’s also a lot more convenient and very easy to build working relationships because we’re all right here.”

In a recent eBook (also available in webinar format) done in conjunction with Marketo, “The Ultimate Revenue Engine: Maximizing Results Through Inside Sales and Marketing Automation,” the alignment of sales and marketing is discussed as a major factor in generating more revenue and business success. I guess you could say we took our own advice, and then some.

How is the relationship between your sales and marketing departments? Is there a collaborative spirit, or is there a tangible disconnect? In an attempt to increase your bottom line this year, make a conscious effort to work together and response to each other’s needs.

As an additional resource, we also did a webinar with HubSpot, “2013 Sales – Adapt or Die.” The webinar (and soon to be eBook) is a great resource for revealing the internal secrets to reach exponential success and growth. Watch the XANT and HubSpot webinar, now.

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