Inside Sales Reps: Knowledge is PowerDialer!

You and I have heard, many times, the old adage “Knowledge is Power!” We can’t argue with the truth inherent in this statement. Education is key to personal and financial growth. There are those who, lacking a college education or degree, have earned comfortable livings and even amassed wealth. However, these people also tout ongoing learning of other forms. Knowledge truly is power!

XANT not only believes this to be an irrefutable fact, but has gone so far as to train and certify all employees from day one on the systems they provide. By so doing they have empowered their employees and provided them the knowledge to be more productive.

Did you know that research in certification shows that putting two people through the exact same training and then having only one of them take an exam and certify yields 20% higher productivity by the individual who certified over the individual who didn’t?

Why mention all of this?

Certification is the difference between proficiency and mastery!

When a client first starts, they are implemented and trained to be successful with the systems. The systems, within a short amount of time, yield improved results and positive ROI. InsideSales has taken things even further by offering the Certified XANT Administrator and Certified XANT Administrator for Salesforce certifications.

These certifications are designed to take your CRM admin or your sales ops person from proficiency in the systems to a completely knowledgeable in-house expert. You understand the ins and outs of PowerDialer (or Power Dialer for Salesforce), ELF, LocalPresence and more. In fact, you can go to and see a video testimonial of people who have attained this mastery!

The minimum 20% increase in productivity that comes from certification provides an additional boost to the entire sales team that uses the system. Where else can an individual and a company see improved productivity in just a few short days?

The concept of “knowledge is power” is taken further still with a new Sales Operations Boot Camp (Certified XANT Operations certification) that has been developed by Ken Krogue, one of the top inside sales minds in the nation.

Ultimately, the more knowledge you, our clients, have about the systems you use and the strategies around inside sales, the greater the success you achieve. Our success is dependant on you and your success.

It can truly be said in a sales world that knowledge isn’t just power, Knowledge is PowerDialer!

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