6 Reasons Growing Inside Sales Teams Need the Right Technology


It’s a sales problem every industry faces: How do you control customer acquisition costs while fueling revenue growth?

Many companies are finding that optimizing their inside sales teams is the answer.

Inside sales is growing 300 percent faster than field sales because it has been proven to generate revenue more quickly and cost effectively.

The following are just a few in a long list of organizations that are investing in inside sales, which is professional sales done remotely:

  • SnapLogic, the Elastic Integration company, announced on April 6 the opening of its new inside sales headquarters in Boulder, Colorado.
  • SolarCity announced in March that it will be hiring 300 inside sales professionals to staff its new space in Roseville, California.
  • StorageCraft VP of Sales Mike Kunz recently gave an interview about how the data backup company’s aggressive inside sales hiring has the company busting at the seams in the new building it just built to house its sales team.

Companies that adopt this sales model quickly find that the right technology is a crucial component of success.

Here are six rock-solid reasons you should choose your technology wisely, if you find yourself building or growing an inside sales team:

1. Improved performance

When data science is applied to the sales process, teams start hitting their numbers as productivity increases and performance improves.

Data-driven insights can show you:

  • Who to sell to
  • When to call or email leads
  • Which messages will resonate
  • How to hire and motivate winning sales teams 

2. Lower sales costs

Earning sales is expensive.

One of the areas of innovation CEOs are most interested in is how to cut customer acquisition costs. Lowering costs while increasing quality and efficiency is top of mind for any company looking to expand.

Sales acceleration technology reduces the cost of sales by driving efficiency — empowering reps to contact the right people, at the right time, and with the right messaging.

3. More focused efforts

XANT empowers reps by providing innovative technology that injects real-time lead scoring seamlessly into a rep’s workflow, prescribing lead lists and messaging.

The XANT sales acceleration platform is built on Neuralytics,  a predictive and prescriptive self-learning engine, which helps sales teams increase revenue by as much as 30 percent in as few as 90 days.

4. Better lead conversions

XANT lead response research has revealed that if a lead is called within the first five minutes of filling out a web form, the odds of qualifying that lead increase 21 times.

The right dialing technology can improve lead response times, increase contact and qualification rates, and drive sales. 

5. More scientific hiring decisions

Sales leaders consistently report hiring as one of their biggest challenges. Many still rely on their gut feel and intuition when evaluating candidates. You can remove the guesswork from your hiring decisions with data-driven pre-hiring assessments.

6. Increased motivation

Inside sales teams often hire younger reps, who respond to different types of motivation. Gamification technology has been found to be highly effective.

The inside sales model helps companies convert leads and prospects into opportunities and customers faster than ever before. The right technology makes all the difference.


Image Credit: Grant Neufeld

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