Introducing Playbooks Reports™: Amplify Performance with Better Visibility

Guide your team’s performance with actionable insights and data.

We’re excited to introduce you to Playbooks Reports™ by XANT. 

Playbooks Reports™ brings all the performance and outcome level insights you need to generate more revenue faster. And it works out of the box on our Playbooks Platform without any additional CRM configuration.

You’ll spend more time coaching and mentoring reps, and improving their performance, and less time wondering what in the world is going on. 

A Variety of Metrics

Use default views of total activities for inbound calls, outbound calls, emails sent, and other tasks, or easily select custom metrics. For example, see activities by a specific call disposition, or choose an email interaction metric like opens, replies, or clicked links. Review your teams’ total talk time over an adjustable period or see how many meaningful conversations are occurring right now.

Visualize Activities

We built Reports with a beautiful new data visualization engine within which you can view sales activities by totals or by averages per day. You can drill into specific sales teams or into individual reps’ performance. You can even look into your historical activities with weekly and monthly trends.

Choosing Conversion Metrics

Go even further with your performance analysis by layering in a conversion metric on top of your data. Customize Reports to include conversion data by selecting your most important activity metrics and then choosing from more than a dozen different conversion metrics. For example: compare total emails sent vs email opens; phone calls placed vs. correct contact rates; or all activities vs Plays marked successful.


We’ve always taken a different approach to reporting than others in our space. Our customers don’t want a shadow CRM; they want to amplify the value of their CRM investments, and a big part of that is how we treat and report on data. 

One of the ways we’ve aligned to our customers’ needs is by pushing all activity and outcome data back into the CRM with a reliable, native integration and complete bi-directional sync.

That will never change. 

Those insights are an important mechanism by which everyone across your organization can see the impact your team is having on the business. 

But we take it even further. For example, we add up to 25 additional fields in your CRM allowing us to produce a wealth of custom, cadence-level reports for you to properly manage to key outcomes.

See who’s working, what’s working, what’s not, which campaigns deliver meetings, which ones lead to closed deals, A/B test Plays and templates, measure the effectiveness of your efforts, and continue leveraging real-time dashboards.  

This level of visibility is one of the reasons why enterprise teams love our unique platform strategy. 

Reports only enhance our broader strategy by giving you easy, real-time access to actionable insights directly within the Playbooks Platform.


Want to see how Playbooks Reports™ can help your team accelerate results?

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