Ken Krogue’s 31 LinkedIn Tips for B2B Prospecting

Ken Krogue, president and co-founder of XANT, presented Wednesday at The Great Salt Lake Business Expo in Sandy, Utah. As a self-made expert in utilizing social media, particularly LinkedIn, to drive leads, appointments, and sales, Ken shared his 31 LinkedIn tips and how to use it as a tool for B2B prospecting.

The presentation was extremely well received and the South Towne Expo Center was packed to capacity during Ken’s presentation – 10 people were even standing in the back. In fact, the attendance at Ken’s presentation was more than any other seminar at the expo!

To summarize his presentation, LinkedIn is an extremely underutilized source of B2B sales intelligence and research data. The ability to connect with people and see their network of connections unlocks an extremely powerful resource of sales data that has never existed before. Ken then went into his full list of tips he has generated which can be found on his personal blog.

Probably the most interesting portion of the presentation was the Q&A which gave insight into what people in the industry really care about and want to implement into their own practice. Below are some of the more interesting questions from the lecture and responses from Ken.

Question & Answer

Q: How do you use the three free backlinks on LinkedIn for SEO?

A: To get the most GoogleJuice you can out of your profile, first decide which keywords you want to promote. Then decide which URL’s you want the keywords to point to. Go to your own LinkedIn account and click on your profile link then scroll down to the section below ‘Connections’ called ‘Websites’. In this area you can put up to 3 hyperlinks to any website. Imagine if everyone in your company pointed their links toward the company page. That’s some serious power!

Q: If I have multiple niches that I’m an expert in, which one should I choose?

A: Join the one that is most profitable! Use Google Insights to determine if your niche keywords are trending upward. It’s a whole lot easier to ride an upward trend than it is to create a new one – that takes time and a lot of money.

Q: You mentioned you should connect with prospects right away. What’s the proper etiquette?

A: It’s important that you are genuine and that you don’t use the generic invitation LinkedIn gives you. Send your new prospect an email so they know it’s really you and mention that you would like to stay connected and add them on LinkedIn. Try something like, “We just spoke on the phone today, I wanted to reach out and connect with you on LinkedIn if that’s okay.”

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