Microsoft Dynamics Delivers the Power of Predictive Sales With XANT

Param Kahlon from Microsoft Dynamics: the importance of predictive salesParam Kahlon, partner group program manager for Microsoft Dynamics CRM, showed sales leaders the future of Microsoft’s CRM and highlighted the company’s vision for sales force automation and customer engagement at Accelerate 16 in Park City, Utah, on May 18.

Param said his team is looking for new ways to empower users with tools that work together and that sales reps will want to use every day.

“A salesperson uses a number of tools to drive an opportunity through close,” Param said. “By leveraging solutions that work in unison, sales reps maximize productivity and efficiency.”

Right now, many sales reps are constantly switching between applications to accomplish their daily responsibilities, which costs them between 10 percent to 20 percent in lost productivity.

It’s this focus on productivity that led to Microsoft’s partnership with XANT. XANT, a Microsoft Dynamics Global ISV Partner, provides a unique addition to the Dynamics’ ecosystem.

Dynamics customers can use the XANT’s platform – powered by its self-learning engine, Neuralytics – to apply data science to sales to more efficiently and effectively contact the right targets, close deals and increase revenue.

Big data and predictive analytics

Big data and predictive analytics are a growing focus for Microsoft. With the predictive power of XANT, Microsoft can provide better perspectives and anticipate pain points in order to solve problems before customers even realize they exist.

For example, Param spotlighted Microsoft Dynamics CRM’s ability to do a quick ad-hoc analysis using Microsoft Excel Online. If you’re a sales manager, you can analyze your team’s opportunities and review key performance indicators to see how you can help your team members. Then, as you make changes to your data in Excel Online, you can save the updated information in your CRM.

Param also pointed out that CRM systems can’t do everything on their own. They focus on driving interaction and workflows, but a truly robust CRM system draws power from its partners and their data-driven applications.

He emphasized the value of predictive technology in the workplace.

“Not every company can go out and hire PhDs to drive data science,” Param said. “That’s why Microsoft and its partners are creating predictive apps and solutions to fill the void.”

XANT and Microsoft Dynamics are working together on innovations that will help all kinds of organizations embrace the future of sales acceleration.

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