New eBook – 42 LinkedIn Inside Sales Tips

Inside Sales LinkedIn Tips for B2B ProspectingSocial selling is fast becoming an integrated part of the typical sales process. With Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and, of course, LinkedIn sales professionals are able to gain access to a huge amount of sales intelligence enabling them to close deals more efficiently.

For those in the B2B sales space, LinkedIn is a must-have resource and it’s important to be able to fully comprehend the capabilities of this social platform in order to wring the most value from it.

That’s exactly what this new eBook offers. Featuring 11 tips from Jamie Shanks, of Sales for Life, and 31 tips from Ken Krogue, President and co-founder of XANT, this eBook contains a total of 42 tips for inside sales professionals to make the most of LinkedIn and start selling socially!

Download the complete eBook now:

42 LinkedIn Inside Sales Tips

This eBook is also available OnDemand in webinar format. Regardless of which format you choose to learn these important sales techniques, those who download this resource will learn:

  • 11 tactical steps for driving new business with LinkedIn
  • 31 tips for using LinkedIn to increase B2B prospecting
  • How to out-pull traditional phone and email by as much as 7 to 1

In addition to the valuable, content available from this eBook, there are several offers available inside the eBook for more tips and resources to optimize your social selling. Be sure to watch the original webinar featuring Ken Krogue and Jamie Shanks.

Follow XANT on TwitterFacebookGoogle+ and LinkedIn for the latest inside sales industry news and best practices. Also, send a connection request to Ken and Jamie on LinkedIn to receive updates on inside sales best practices and more social selling tips.

How have you incorporated social selling into your sales automation process? Let us know in the comment box below.

42 LinkedIn Tips for Inside Sales

Free eBook: 42 LinkedIn Tips for Inside Sales

Gain access to 42 tips from industry experts Ken Krogue and Jamie Shanks on how to grow your business through LinkedIn.

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