New eBook – Maximizing Results through Inside Sales & Marketing Automation

The Ultimate Revenue Engine Maximizing Results Through Inside Sales and Marketing Automation

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Sales and Marketing are required to work together more than ever before. With the advent of the internet, prospects expect immediate results. That’s why it’s so important that marketing understand how they can get the right leads to sales allowing sales to contact those leads immediately – made possible through marketing and sales automation software.

In this new eBook, readers will learn best practices of sales and marketing from two industry leaders: Ken Krogue, President and co-Founder of XANT, and Jon Miller, VP of Marketing and co-Founder of Marketo.

Download the eBook now:

The Ultimate Revenue Engine: Maximizing Results through Inside Sales & Marketing Automation

Originally a webinar, this high-value content has been created into an eBook. Those who download the content will learn:

  • The Changing Nature of the Buyer;
  • How to Manage Leads;
  • 7 Rules to Increase Contact Ratios; and
  • Best Practices for Responding

Throughout the eBook are numerous supplemental content offers including research, white papers, webinars, and exclusive offers.

Download the free eBook and share it with other sales and marketing professionals who will find the content valuable. Be sure to also watch the original webinar featuring Ken Krogue and Jon Miller.

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The Ultimate Revenue Engine

Free eBook: The Ultimate Revenue Engine

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