New eBook: Sales Motivation and the Importance of Workplace Gamification

Sales reps are competitive by nature – it’s in their blood. The key is understanding how to channel that competitive spirit and help it contribute to the bottom line.

That’s the beauty of gamification. It’s the process of motivating employees by turning work into a game.

Charles (Chuck) Coonradt, founder of The Game of Work, Inc., is known as the Grandfather of Gamification. In fact, Ken Krogue, President and co-founder of XANT, wrote an article on his High Velocity Sales column highlighting Chuck and the work he has done in increasing efficiency and results in employees through workplace gamification.

In a new eBook co-written by Ken and Chuck, “How to Use Gamification to Motivate Your Sales Team,” the two thought leaders in the space of sales motivation and gamification share best practices and tips on how to motivate and increase sales performance in employees.

According to Chuck, there are 5 motivators of recreation and off the job pursuits:

1)      Feedback
2)      Scorekeeping
3)      Goal Setting
4)      Consistent Coaching
5)      Personal Choice

These motivators are found in activities that people do for recreation and fun. To keep your employees interested and motivated, these same motivators should be found in daily work. As a manager, it’s your responsibility to create that environment.

“The motivation of recreation drives behavior that we can’t pay people to do,” Chuck wrote in the eBook. “Attitude determines our behavior. Our behavior has a direct result on our success and the results of our efforts. It’s important that these motivators become an active part of your company culture.”

In the end, gamification comes down to real-time feedback. “Feedback is the most important of the five foundational principles of gamification,” Ken said. “Sales professionals are the ones who need real-time feedback, very much like race car drivers and professional athletes. They need… to know what they need to improve on in the present to win.”

This eBook is based on a webinar, “Gamification: Using Game Mechanics to Win the Game of Work,” also presented by Ken and Chuck. Access this webinar on the XANT webinar page.

Gamification is an increasingly common trend in the SaaS and technology space – especially in sales. How is your sales team using gamification to increase motivation and performance? Let us know in the comments.

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