Predictive Playbooks Update: Automatic Email Send and Next Step Date

XANT today announced the addition of two new features to the Predictive PlayBooks sales application: 1) Automatic Email Send and 2) Next Step Date to CRM. The two features will increase efficiency and productivity for sales teams by enabling reps to create plays of up to three steps using the auto-emails feature and by showing them the next scheduled date of interaction with prospects.

Automatic Email Send

Predictive Playbooks is an AI-enabled sales cadence application that helps sales teams enhance their performance and build pipeline. Among other cool features, Playbooks enables reps to quickly personalize emails before sending. However, it has not always accounted for communications that don’t require customization, including product or funding announcements, conference invites, and follow-up emails. We solved for this with the Automatic Email Send functionality.

To use automatic emails, simply add or edit an email step and switch it to “Send Automatically”, then select a send time.

  • Reps can create plays with 3 consecutive steps using auto-emails.
  • Currently users can configure auto-emails from the extension. This functionality will be coming shortly to the manager application.

automatic email send - Playbooks screenshot

Automatic emails do not appear in the list of tasks to do for a given day, because the sales rep  does not take any action. If reps need to view or edit an automated email, they can access them in the Playbooks menu under the new Automated Tasks option.

Next Step Date to CRM

Our active user community told us they wanted to know the next scheduled date of interaction with prospects. We listened to their feedback and added the option, within Predictive Playbooks, to publish the next date of interaction with a prospect directly into the CRM. Using this information, teams can now generate reports showing their interaction schedules with associated dates of contact.

CRM admins must configure the functionality to make it available.

next step date - Playbooks screenshot

Other Product Improvements

The latest Playbooks release also adds other improvements and fixes to known issues:

  • Fixed an issue where tasks would get stuck for deleted prospects
  • Updated icons in the play creation screen
  • Removed the “Busy” option from call results
  • Addressed a number of issues around long phone extensions breaking the UI
  • Added text formatting support to Cue cards

Predictive Playbooks helps teams build pipeline and increases rep productivity and efficiency with predictive insights at each stage of the funnel.

Sales teams using the AI powered InsideSales System of Growth experience an increase in revenue of up to 30% in as little as 90 days.

If you’re interested in how you can use sales acceleration technology to benefit your business, contact us to watch a demo!


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