PlayBooks Update: Scheduling Appointments With Prospects

Everyone wants to set an appointment with the perfect prospect. With the AI-powered sales boosting Playbooks software, you can organize and remember these appointments. Appointments set through Playbooks are saved to your calendar to ensure you never miss an appointment again.

Using Schedule Appointment in Playbooks

It’s easier than ever to schedule an appointment with your prospect, so here’s a few steps you need to take in Playbooks to set up a meeting:

  1. Click the “Schedule Appointment” button at the bottom of the record and then enter a date and time for your appointment.
  2. Select a follow-up Play; the prospect will be put into this Play as part of the appointment.
  3. Click “Save.” You’ll receive an email invite for your calendar to help you remember the appointment. At this time, this invite is not sent to the prospect. The prospect is then added to the newly selected Play and paused.
  4. When it’s time for the appointment, click the link in your calendar event to view the prospect. This will resume the play. If the prospect keeps the appointment, you’ll want to remove them from the play and mark it as successful. If they do not keep the appointment, simply keep them in the appointment missed play to automate future follow-up.

We recommend creating an “Appointment Missed” play that you can put prospects into as part of setting the appointment in the event that they miss the meeting.

schedule appointment reminder button - Playbooks update

(The new Schedule Appointment button)

schedule appointment window - Playbooks update

(The Schedule Appointment window)

How Playbooks Can Boost Your Sales Results

Using the XANT Playbooks software has helped thousands of reps around the world to increase their efficiency and productivity.

This cutting edge AI-powered system offers predictive insights at each stage of the funnel. You will know which leads to focus on, when and how to contact them. This way, you minimize time wasters and increase your chances to connect and have a meaningful conversation.

Sales teams using XANT technology have seen a 30% lift in their results in just 90 days.

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