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Well it looks like everybody is doing inside sales today, with the huge number of people just reaching out to companies, rather than waiting to hear from a sales rep. So, you’re doing inside sales, but are you doing it right? I had an excellent executive event in Seattle where we discussed the State of Sales 2017 research, along with best practices on how to handle inbound leads.

There are two key points to follow with inbound leads:

1. Immediacy in Handling Inbound Leads

When handling inbound leads, it’s all about immediacy. You have leads coming in, you need to get to them fast. There are two important deadlines: 5 minutes, and 24 hours since they reached out.

Ideally you should answer a lead in under 5 minutes. You really don’t want to be in the 24 hour range with your reply.

In the first two days after a lead contacts you, you should get to as many people as you can.

2. Put Them Back in the Funnel

If your initial contact with a lead is not successful, make sure you have a blitz campaign set up. The blitz campaign should tell them a bit more about you and how you can help them.

After 10 to 15 days where you hit them with your blitz campaign, where you explain your intent and what you do. After the blitz campaign, you enter them into a drip campaign.

Here’s the secret: with the drip campaign, if they interact with your content, put them back in the funnel for the blitz campaign. This way, they get a chance to learn about your offer again.

Hope this helps you the next time you get another inbound lead. At XANT, we are aces of lead management – and the AI-powered technology really makes a difference for the immediacy of your response rates.

Think you have a good cadence? Use the link below to assess it . . .

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