Playbooks from XANT, In the Race for Best AI Application at AIconics

The Playbooks software from XANT has been shortlisted as 1 of 5 for the AIconics Awards BEST AI Application for Sales & Marketing. The award recognizes the best Artificial Intelligence solutions across ten categories. Over 300 companies compete in this prestigious award, and the winners are selected by a panel of independent judges.

Playbooks, Best AI App for Sales & Marketing

The AIconics awards celebrate drive, innovation and hard work in the international Artificial Intelligence for Business Community. The award ceremony will take place at the AIconics conference in San Francisco, on September 27th.

XANT is competing in the Sales and Marketing category among other AI companies: Sapient Razorfish, Kvantum, BD2I and Weave.

Utah-based business continuity company Pure Storage was also shortlisted for Best Innovation in AI Hardware.

About the Playbooks Software

The Playbooks software allows sales teams to increase rep productivity and efficiency with predictive insights at each stage of the funnel. Predictive analytics insights from the AI-powered Neuralytics engine shows which accounts or contacts are most likely to close before contacting them.

With the Playbooks sales acceleration software, sales reps can:

  • Use strategic contact strategies that guide and remind reps when to follow up with leads and opportunities
  • Build custom plays for each team and each stage of the sales funnel and keep your deals on track
  • Engage with prospects at the right time and with the right medium
  • Stay in touch with up-to-date contact information

The XANT platform offers a system of growth meant for high-performance sales teams.

Sales organizations using XANT see up to 30% increase in their results in as little as 90 days.

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