7 Sales Cadence Templates to Double Your Contact Rates in 20 Days

Sales leaders know they need to give their sales development teams a proven prospecting cadence to follow. But many aren’t sure what’s the best approach or how to get started.

Random Sales Cadences Kill Your Conversations

The sales cadence is a sequence of activities to improve contact and qualification rates. They may be phone calls, emails, voicemails or other sales activities. The latest research on sales cadence from XANT showed that most of the time, sales reps will set sales cadences arbitrarily, without any regards as to what is performing well.

The study analyzed thousands of companies and revealed:

• The most common outreach practice is email (32 percent of respondents use this method)
• 61 percent of first contacts happen via email
• The second most utilized cadence is a single call and voicemail (6 percent)

But is it the correct approach, to send a single call and a voicemail? Sometimes, leads will need more than that to ‘warm up’ and actually be willing to set an appointment with your sales executives.

Download 7 Free Sales Cadence Templates

The optimal sales cadence can boost your company’s financial results by up to 110 percent. When you perform a sales cadence correctly, it will increase a rep’s ability to interact with a prospect, educate them to become potential buyer and prevent deals from falling through, the research report shows.

We’re here to help out! XANT is giving away seven sales cadence templates that are guaranteed to double your contact rates in just 20 days.

Download the 7 sales cadence templates and fire up your sales team!

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