Announcing the ‘Sales Acceleration Show’ Podcast

Sales PodcastWe’re excited to announce a new podcast that’s all about sales acceleration. The “Sales Acceleration Show,” hosted by Gabe Larsen and Steve Eror, focuses on the science of selling across the areas of demand generation, sales and sales operations.

This show is about doing. The focus is real problems, real solutions and real people — all dedicated to accelerating sales.

Gabe Larsen brings a unique perspective and years of experience in the sales acceleration space, having consulted with more than 200 clients on innovative sales strategies, including process optimization, lead generation and sales compensation.

Gabe shared his thoughts about this new podcast and how it can help sales leaders accelerate revenue:

Why this podcast and why now?

“The market is ready. With sales acceleration representing a $12.8 billion market, we have to get the concepts of the science of selling into the hands of individual contributors, managers and leaders.”

What is sales acceleration?

“Sales acceleration is definitely a buzzword. Although a lot of people use the term, not everybody understands it. Sales acceleration means increasing the velocity of your sales process — how you take leads and turn them into customers and revenue. Sales acceleration is not SaaS, it’s not sales automation, it’s not Sales 2.0. It’s selling more by adding efficiency, productivity and visibility to your sales process.”

What are the hot topics you’ll be discussing?

“We’re going to have a blast discussing and debating the latest trends, news and best practices in the space. We’ll be covering three areas:

1. Demand generation

We want to share stories of how real companies are building effective demand generation machines and strategies.

2. Sales

My favorite topic is sales. How are the best sales leaders on the planet building, structuring and motivating world-class sales teams.

3. Sales operations

Last but not least is sales operations – where the rubber meets the road. How are sales leaders providing visibility, utilizing technology and optimizing their sales processes to grow their sales.

Learn more about the “Sales Acceleration Show” and subscribe on either iTunes or Google Play.

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