What Sales can Learn from Lean Manufacturing

Sales can learn a lot from other industries and principles. It turns out that improving sales productivity is very much like a six sigma, lean manufacturing process. In Six Sigma there is a framework called DMAIC that is very applicable in sales as well.

Here’s what the acronym stands for:

  • D – Define: First define and normalize your sales process.
  • M – Measure: Then measure and benchmark each step of your sales process in multiple dimensions.
  • A – Analyze: Analyze, then find the root-cause of any performance gaps by talking to people on the front line and by listening to their calls.
  • I – Improve: Implement improvements through technology, training, and coaching.
  • C – Control: Control the change by monitoring the data and iterating over time.

In this episode of the Playmakers podcast, Dominique Levin, partner at Winning by Design, talks about her experience on optimizing the sales process and how sales can learn from lean manufacturing.

Links and Resources Mentioned in This Episode:

Winning by Design

In This Episode You’ll Learn:

  • What sales can learn from six sigma
  • A structure for thinking about sales transformation
  • What DMAIC means and how sales can use it

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