Sales Development 2017 Infographic: Quota Attainment is Only 64%

Companies report an average quota attainment of only 64 percent for sales development representatives (SDR), shows recent research from XANT. While sales development reps have an average of 14 meaningful conversations with customers or prospects every day and send dozens of emails and voicemails, not all are able to reach their quota.

Companies report only a 64% quota attainment, on average, for their sales development reps.

The “State of Sales Development 2017 study shows some stats on the activity and results of sales development reps in the United States. The report also looks at the sales technology systems they use and the structure of sales development organizations.

Sales Development in 2017 – How 900 Companies Do SDR

Here’s just a few things we learned with this poll:

  • Sales development reps have an annual quota of $658K;
  • They have around 14 meaningful conversations per day;
  • They also send around 37 emails per day;
  • And they place around 36 phone calls every day;
  • They also  send around 15 voicemails and have about 8 social media activities every day.

The State of Sales Development focused on 900 companies and reviewed the four elements of building an optimized sales development organization: structure, technology, people and pipeline. The study was created by XANT in partnership with SalesForLife, BridgeGroup, Drift, Datanyze, OneMob, and Tenbound.

You can download the report below:


Or you can download the infographic that shows every-day activity of a sales development rep.


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