Learn From 30+ Experts How to Do Sales Development Right

XANT will be hosting the Sales Development Summit in December, a virtual event for sales development training and best practices. The virtual event includes over 30 expert speakers, from sales development reps and managers to sales executives with years in the industry. You can register at www.salesdevelopmentsummit.com and participate for free.

We’ll be discussing latest research in the sales development, sales development management and best practices, as well as proven steps for sales development success.

The State of Sales Development 2017

XANT latest research on sales development shows that the industry is changing. “The State of Sales Development” is the largest study of over 1,000 respondents that shows how companies build and execute winning sales development teams. We’ll be discussing the findings of this research and what it means for companies around the world.

The virtual event consists of two days of speaker sessions, divided up by topics:

December 13th – For Sales Development Managers and Leaders:  Structure, Systems, People, Pipeline

During these speaker sessions, you will learn:

Sales development structure and systems: How companies today structure their sales development organization and what technology they are using to win

People: How companies are hiring, motivating, and compensating for sales development

Pipeline: How companies are benchmarking against prospecting pipeline numbers against the best-in-class

December 14th – For Sales Development Reps: Identify, Contact, Qualify, Pass

During these speaker sessions, you will learn:

Identify: Proven ways to identify your best prospects

Contact: What methods companies are using to initiate conversations with prospects

Qualify: What strategies companies are using to leads conversations, qualifying and overcome prospects objections

Pass: How companies are having sales development reps partner with account executives to accelerate the sales funnel

Anyone can register for this free virtual event. The live sessions occur each day at 9AM, with registrants being able to watch the videos later at their own pace.

Sales Development Summit Speakers

Speakers for the sales development summit are a select group with ample experience in sales development execution and management. You’ll be able to learn from sales experts such as:

David Dulany – CEO and Founder of Tenbound

Mike Stevenson – Director of Sales Development at Docusign

Chris Castaldini – Director of Global Sales Development at Optimizely

Gabe Villamizar – Head of B2B Marketing at Lucid Software

Rob Jepssen – CEO of Xvoyant

Kharisma Moraski – VP of WorldWide Corporate Sales at Kaseya

Marc Bodner – Co Founder of the Sales Enablement Society

Ben Cotton – Sr. Manager of Sales Enablement at HubSpot

Jake Reni – Sr. Manager of Inside Sales at Adobe

…and many, many more!

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