How Sales Teams Can Change Their Approach During Coronavirus

The COVID-19 pandemic has considerably affected the way we work, and sales during coronavirus will be impacted. The characteristics and nature of sales personnel make them very adaptable and reactive to the environment. So how can they change their sales approach during coronavirus?

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      1. Safety and Wellbeing
      2. Increase Communication
      3. Utilize Changes in Coms
      4. Work Flexibly
      5. Jazz Up Your Sales Pitch
      6. Grow Business Leads
      7. Use Coronavirus Disruptions to Reengineer Your Sales Methods


Ideas to Adapt Your Sales Team Methods

Safety and Wellbeing

The first approach that sales teams must take is one of care. The most critical issue that needs to be faced is safety and reducing the risk of coronavirus as much as possible. Governmental policies on social distancing, sanitation practices, and hand washing need to be followed.

Steps have to be taken to ensure risks are minimized, and the most obvious way of doing that is to work remotely. Some sales reps may already have this set up but continue to visit clients. However, now, during this crisis, there should be no physical meetings, and sales teams should follow advice from their employer who should be directed by the government.

Sales team managers must ensure they are compassionate and understanding of their staff needs at this time as mental health care is just as urgent as physical health. Provide employees the resources to support a healthy mindset as they adjust to remote working.

Increase Communication sales during coronavirus

2-Increase Communication

Sales teams need more direction, effective communication, and leadership in these uncertain times, and more than ever, sales reps are requiring reassurance and support on a professional and personal level too.

Sales teams need to be informed regularly about how the business is responding to the pandemic crisis and send regular follow-ups. This includes any change to policy or new action plans.

Sales teams will undoubtedly be feeling nervous because of the numerous layoffs. Try not to let this panic you or affect your work. Open communications and speak to your line manager if you are feeling nervous, but ensure you have a contingency for the worst-case scenario.

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Utilize Changes in Coms

3-Utilize Changes in Coms

If not already being used, sales teams can utilize video conferencing to replace meetings. Use various collaboration tools and look for communication apps to talk with your clients. This will allow for a more personal interaction compared to a call and a great excuse not to use the phone.

There are numerous tech apps or platforms on the market to suit any business need. Limitations may come from whether the client has access, but customers will likely have some form of video conferencing.

Sales staff are social animals and have much interaction with clients and colleagues. One fun way that sales teams can change their after-work drinks is to hold a virtual happy hour. This time can be used to boost morale, and if in self-isolation alone, spend some fun time with others.

Work Flexibly sales during coronavirus

This new way of working will take some time to adapt to. Sales teams can adopt a more flexible shift pattern to allow them a chance to tackle other unforeseen changes in their lives. For example, as schools are closed, sales reps may need to find time during the day for childcare and work.

Jazz Up Your Sales Pitch

As conferences are canceled, and in-person meetings are stopped, web-based presentations are now crucial. Sales teams need to adapt their sales pitch, which could be done as a full-blown virtual presentation. Get creative and repackage your sales techniques, which might now involve your ‘follow up meeting’ to be an exclusive demonstration.

You could take your client on a virtual tour of your product center or factory floor. Try a recorded or live product demo and involve other members of the team if possible. Send your client the video before doing an online presentation so they can be prepared. Be eager to change your sales advancing by doing things that you never thought possible.

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Grow Business Leads sales during coronavirus

Sales teams need to ensure they have a decent amount of leads or sales prospects. Now is a great time to take advantage and ‘stock up’, so sales teams should dedicate extra time and resources to lead generation and prospecting.

The uncertainty of the virus outbreak means there are no limits to the economic impact, or at least the implications are unknown. Even businesses that have not been overly impacted by coronavirus so far may face future challenges. Therefore, it is advantageous for your business to have a deeper pool of prospective clients for the long term

Use Coronavirus Disruptions to Reengineer Your Sales Methods

At this time, your prospective clients may already be having significant issues and concerns about the coronavirus.

How can you and your sales team help and support your clients to get them through the crisis and beyond? Your support now will be recognized and appreciated and will go a long way towards building long-lasting relationships.

It will pay off for sales teams to spend some time re-thinking and changing their perspective on what the main advantages of their products and services are with coronavirus concerns.

An example of this might be the increase in groceries and household deliveries. If your business relates to household goods and has not yet expanded to offer a delivery service, now is an excellent opportunity to start.

Even the most hardened sales reps will be feeling the impacts of the health crisis. Sales teams will need to adapt during these challenging times, and new ways of work will need to be established to continue with revenue-generating sales activity. Avoid panic, be positive, and keep selling.

What changes have you had to make to your sales methods? Share them with us in the comments section below.

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