Sales Email Secrets | Secrets Of Email Prospecting To Increase Open Rates

In this post, we reveal the best sales emails practices we learned from analyzing over 15 million emails and compiled them in our book Secrets of Email Prospecting. Read on, and let us teach you some of the basics.

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Sales Emails Secrets to Power Up Open and Download Rates Quick

1. Optimal Times for Download and Open Rates Are Different 

First, we learned there’s a difference between the time salespeople send their emails and when people open them.

It matters because even the most compelling sales emails are nothing if they won’t have the time of day (no pun intended). The first step to converting is to make them click the email.

Second, the optimal times to boost open and download rates are in the afternoon. The question, however, is when in the afternoon.

Get the e-book today to find out the exact times. Try it, and you may increase your open rate by 35.73% and the download rate by as high as 77.78%!

2. The Best Day for Sales Emails Is Not the Weekend

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Choosing the best date to send out emails

By conversion, we’re referring to emails that people respond to. Turns out, it doesn’t happen during the weekend.

If you want to increase your open rate, send an email on Monday. If it contains an attachment, move it to Wednesday.

Friday can still be a good time to deliver your mail, but if you expect them to download something, avoid Saturdays and Sundays.

Our analysis doesn’t include the reasons, but here’s our hypothesis: people don’t like (and they shouldn’t be) checking emails on weekends.

Many may be taking a quick holiday, while others consider these as rest days. Some may be doing part-time work offline.

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3. Shorter Subjects Work Like Magic 

Our data analysis also revealed people don’t want to be bothered by long, time-consuming, and tiresome subject headings.

On average, salespeople usually write a subject heading with 5.7 words and 35.1 characters. What gets the best open rate is a lot shorter than that.

Tweaking your subject heading alone can increase open rates by 32.8% higher than those that didn’t meet the optimal number of characters.

Aside from length, what’s in the subject also contributes to increasing the open rates. Which three letters increase the open rate by as much as twice when included in the subject? Discover what these magic letters are by downloading the e-book today!

This knowledge will also help you craft the best sales email templates that convert!

4. Email with Attachments Are Better

Surprise, surprise! Our findings go against the general idea that emails with attachments tend to have a lower open rate.

We learned sales emails with attachments were more likely to have an open rate of 10.33% higher than those that don’t.

Emails are an important part of the sales process. Sales reps send hundreds of emails on a regular basis. They also use them as a follow-up after a phone call.

On a typical day, they send more than 30 emails, and yet their prospects open only 31.29% of them. How can sales teams fix this?

We don’t want to bore you with a long list of tips on how to do prospecting right. Instead, we’re here to give you data-backed approaches that work.

They’re simple, but they are going to help you become more efficient. They can make your email prospecting a cost-effective tool to create sales.

Read the rest of our findings by downloading Secrets of Email Prospecting today.

What are your common mistakes in email prospecting? Share them in the comments section below.

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Sales Email Secrets | Secrets Of Email Prospecting To Increase Open Rates

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