$610 Bounty Turns Sales Floor Into the Wild West


The bounty started at $420 and has already jumped to $610.

Bandanas, bandits and bounties.

These are things you’d expect to find on the 19th-century American frontier, but certainly not on the XANT sales floor in peaceful Provo, Utah.

All of that is about to change, thanks to the power of gamification and the creativity of our business development team (referred to as sales development or SDRs in some companies).

For the month of February, our sales floor has become the Wild West.

We haven’t installed any saloons or spittoons, but our reps are looking for a new sheriff to run the town.

The defending champion

For the past six months, Gerik Beam, one of our business development specialists, has been laying down the law.

He has consistently set appointments with more totally qualified opportunities (TQOs) than anyone else.

While there have been a few reps who have come close to replacing him as the best in the West, he remains the undisputed champion.

The challenge

The business development team has decided to put a bounty on Gerik and his record-setting number of TQOs.

The rules are simple: Sales reps, managers, directors and VPs have all pooled together their own money as a reward for anyone who can set more TQOs than Gerik this month.

As it stands, the bounty has already reached $610.

A battle to the bitter end

Rest assured, Gerik isn’t going down without a fight.

“I’ve got my best bib and tucker on, and am prepared to burn the breeze and show these crazy coots who’s boss,” Gerik said.

For those whose Wild West lingo may be a little rusty, Gerik is ready to bring his “A” game and do everything he can to extend his streak to seven months.

He’s already off to a good start. He’s leading the pack and has no intention of slowing down.

But he faces strong competition with Jake Wilson and Michael Tuimaseve hot on his heels.

“Gerik might as well take some of his PTO because this one is in the bag,” Jake said. “I’ve got some strategies and some tricks up my sleeve, but I’m not ready to disclose those right now.”

Jake is so determined, that when the team went to enjoy a game of laser tag at lunchtime, he stayed at the office to gain an edge.

“He is seriously committed to this competition,” said Bryce Leishman, senior manager of business development. “It’s fun to see him do everything possible to win.”

The power of gamification

The idea for this challenge came from sales coaches Jordan Mulford and Jordan Timothy, who are always looking for new ways to inspire and motivate the team. 

“It isn’t always easy to chase a number,” Jordan Mulford said. “But if reps are chasing a person, it’s a lot more fun and they become a lot more productive.”

This is just one example of the many fun and creative ways our business development team cranks up the energy and excitement.

XANT’s research has found that when game elements are introduced into the workplace, sales activities increase by up to 38%.

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