Sales Gongs Gone Wild!

Sales GongOur friends at HireVue may have just invented the world’s coolest sales gong.

They hooked up their gong to their Salesforce account and programmed it to make noise whenever they close a deal.

Sales leaders went gaga over this thing when HireVue’s Gabe Villamizar posted photos of it on LinkedIn.

No argument here. Totally baller.

But what if their sales gong makes its way into the wrong hands?

Or what if it somehow goes haywire and just starts randomly gonging for no reason …

No sales today, it’s a holiday, Merry Christmas … GONG, GONG, GONG!

It could be a lawsuit waiting to happen. All of a sudden sales reps are expecting commission on deals that never really closed.

“Didn’t you hear it gong three times? Booyah! We goin’ Sizzler!”

What would Cheech and Chong do with this gong?

Don’t answer that. This is a family blog.

What about MacGyver? Could he come up with something better using a hubcap, a dead car battery and Wrigley’s spearmint gum?

I doubt it. He’s too Hollywood. Lay off the cactus juice, bro.

Kanye West would love this thing. He could program the gong to interrupt anybody who wins a music award he disagrees with.

“Imma let you finish …”


There are so many wonderful and crazy things that could come from this.

I really hope it all works out for HireVue, and they have a ball with their new sales gadget.


Did we just sell something or did Bob’s pacemaker set that thing off again?

See what we’re up to at Dreamforce this year.

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