Sales Lead Management Association Tackles Important Industry Issues

Sales Leads Management AssociationDoes it ever feel like sales is from Saturn, and marketing is from Mars?

That seems about right in most companies today. Leads don’t receive the follow-up they deserve. Salespeople and marketers both blame their colleagues across the hall for the inefficiencies the modern sales model creates.

The Sales Lead Management Association tackles the tough issues arising from the sales and marketing divide. The association is made up of a healthy mix of professionals from various disciplines. Membership is free.

“We saw a need,” CEO James Obermayer says. “People aren’t managing sales leads.”

Companies are investing heavily in technology, such as CRMs and marketing automation software. But technology is only half the battle, Obermayer says.

The winning organizations pair technology with proven best practices. For example, XANT has found that you can dramatically boost contact rates by calling your leads within five minutes and calling each lead six times.

Programs and resources

The Sales Lead Management Association offers the following programs and resources:

SLMA Radio: Obermayer hosts a live Internet radio program each Thursday at 5 p.m. PST. The show spotlights important industry issues, such as “Should marketers be paid on revenue?” It’s available on iTunes.

Tips and News: The association distributes a free monthly email newsletter that currently goes out to 3,800 subscribers. It’s packed with relevant blog articles, cartoons and other tips and tricks. Its website hosts about 300 articles on sales lead management.

Sales Tools: Want to find out how many leads you need to hit your sales quota? The association has a tool for that. It’s called the Leads Required Calculator.

Recognition: One of the association’s most popular initiatives is its annual recognition program, “The 50 Most Influential People in Sales Lead Management.” Voting for this year’s awards is open through the end of November. You can vote here.

College of Fellows: This program recognizes industry veterans who have made a significant contribution through leadership, speaking, writing, teaching or giving back in some way. Last year, the association named two fellows, Laura McGuire and Dan McDade.

Membership is free

Join the Sales Lead Management Association today. Membership is free. Sign up here.

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