Sales Motivation – You Are Your Cubicle

Take a look around your office. No seriously, take a look around your office right now.

Go ahead. Stand up, walk around if you need to, then come back.

You’re still sitting here. Go look around your office.

So, what did you discover during your sojourn around the room/cubicle/hallway?

(If you work from home/telecommute, it probably told you that wearing your pajamas to work is the coolest thing ever, but I digress.)

What did you actually see?

In my office at home, I have a relatively small, 18×24-inch map of Europe during the Roman period (props to The BrandBuilder for a reminder of just how cool the Romans were). It hangs directly above my computer desk on the wall, an ever-present reminder of a time long past, a nation that fought, and bled, and conquered, but ultimately fell prey to its own excess, and the ego of its leaders.

So why do I keep it there? As a reminder. As inspiration. I’m a huge European history buff, and I find that simple map gets my thoughts running with ideas. It’s an 18×24 reminder of our connections to the past, to our collective human struggle to create the truest of civilizations.

And it’s also something to look at that says, “This was greatness—now go get it.”

Tyler Durden says you are not your khakis (expletive removed for editorial purposes).

While that may be true, whether we like it or not, our inner motivations, our expectations and desires, can generally be shown in the things we surround ourselves with.

If you want something, put a tangible reminder of it in front of you.

Put your quota and daily goals on a sheet in front of you—right next to a picture of a bigger house, a new stereo, a new car, your dream vacation.

Yes, it’s materialistic. Yes, it may feel forced.

But it works—whether you’re in sales, lead generation, support, production, or management, it works.

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