Sales Prospecting For the Pros: 5 Secrets to Build a Winning Cadence

Prospecting is grueling work, and most sales reps fail due to lack of trying. Data from InsideSales Labs shows that the most utilized sales cadence is one single email, when trying to contact leads. It’s an appalling number, given that most prospects need around six touches to respond. We’ve teamed up with Michael Pedone, CEO of SalesBuzz, to see what makes a winning sales cadence and a great sales conversation. 

What Winning Sales Reps Do to Double Their Contact Rates

Successful sales representatives create a sales cadence with multiple touch points, including a variety of sales communication channels: calls, texts, email, social media, voicemail, event direct mail and video.

At XANT, we’ve tracked and analyzed thousands of sales interactions with machine learning algorithms and found there really is a formula for success. When executed correctly, the right sales cadence can double your contact rates.

There’s an ideal duration, spacing, attempts, media, and messaging for each sales cadence during prospecting, and we’re about to tell you what it is.

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Gabe Larsen, VP of Growth for XANT, and Michael Pedone, founder and CEO of SalesBuzz, are going to show you the winning formula for sales prospecting.

About Gabe Larsen:

Gabe Larsen is an international sales consultant with over 15 years experience. He is Vice President of XANT Labs, the research and best practice arm of XANT. The Labs unit works to uncover insights in the sales industry which help sales reps close more and bigger deals, faster, and using machine learning technology in the process.

About Michael Pedone:

Michael Pedone is a world-class sales training mentor, coach and marketing expert. Michael has helped hundreds of companies across the globe improve their sales just by using his no-nonsense phone sales techniques. Anyone can learn his sales training method and put his techniques into practice quickly.

He helps sales reps feel excited about their work again and become more motivated and productive. And the companies they work for rake in more leads, conversions and profits.

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  • How to connect with the right leads, at the right time — and what to say to convert them
  • The 5 pillars of prospecting, and best practices to succeed
  • How smart sales technology can help you become a prospecting machine

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