How Sales Reps Should Start Using Texts in Their Sales Process w/Mike Vandenbos @Zipwhip

Texting is here to stay. Busy decision makers are using texting to respond to people in and out of the work place and sales reps are starting to see the benefits of getting mobile numbers. How will this continue to play out? In this episode, Mike Vandenbos, Entrepreneur in Residence at Zipwhip, talks about the state of sales and discusses where texting is being best utilized. In addition, Mike points out some of the rules and regulations regarding texting and advises on how people should start thinking about brining texting into their day-to-day sales activities.

In This Episode You’ll Learn:

  • History of texting in business?
  • What is going on with texting in general?
  • What is going on with texting in the sales space?
  • How can sales reps get more mobile numbers?
  • What are best practices for texting?

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