7 Best Sales Software Systems For Your Business

If you can’t decide which sales software system you want for your business, here are some of our top picks to help narrow down your choices.

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Software for Sales | The Best Sales Software Systems for Your Business

Sales Software Definition: This refers to a tool that provides features that can assist salespeople in achieving various sales goals and other organizational objectives.

1.  Sales Hub by HubSpot

HubSpot’s Sales Hub software is one of the leading sales funnel software around. It comes in four pricing plans:

  • Free
  • Starter — $50/month
  • Professional — $400/month
  • Enterprise — $1,200/month

This sales management software is excellent for sales teams with no coding experience, with its intuitive interface making it really easy to use. They also provide real-time updates and a good customer support system.

HubSpot Sales can also connect seamlessly with HubSpot Marketing and HubSpot CRM. If you choose to use all three, you will have an easier time tracking the customer journey from the initial marketing process through to the sales process.

2. Pipedrive

Aside from HubSpot Sales, Pipedrive is also one of the leading sales software in the industry for a good reason. Compared to Sales Hub, it’s cheaper.

Here’s Pipedrive’s pricing plan:

  • Silver — $12.50/month
  • Gold — $24.20/month
  • Platinum — $49.17/month

The plans are billed annually, and they’re way cheaper than Sales Hub. It also offers awesome features at these great price points.

Pipedrive makes software integration easier with its open application programming interface (API). Aside from that, this sales enablement software offers an excellent overview of all sales pipelines for easy reference.

3. Freshsales

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Freshsales software

Freshsales is another excellent sales software that sales professionals can use, and it is relatively cheap as well. They have four billing plans, most of which can be billed monthly while the most expensive plan can only be billed annually.

Plan Monthly
(per user per month)
(per user per month)
Blossom $19 $12
Garden $35 $25
Estate $65 $49
Forest n/a $79

This customer relationship management (CRM) and lead generation tool works best in managing and creating leads for you. It provides a detailed overview of each contact, ranging from lost or closed deals to conversations.

Aside from that, it scores your leads’ sales-readiness based on their profile. This gives users a higher chance of closing a deal.

4. Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM is a sales tracking software that prides itself for its customizability so it can fit a variety of company needs and preferences.

This software also provides affordable pricing plans, which are cheaper when billed annually.

Plan Monthly
(per user per month)
(per user per month)

(available for up to three years)

$0 $0
Standard $18 $12
Professional $30 $20
Enterprise $45 $35

Zoho CRM offers different programming interfaces based on coding ability, such as “no-code,” “low-code,” and “high-level programming” to help users in developing third-party integrations. They also offer mobile integration with Zoho CRM Mobile Edition.

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5. bpm’online sales

A great sales software system for mid-sized businesses that can help with sales processes is bpm’online sales. Bpm’online sales is one of many systems available under bpm’online’s CRM bundle.

It has three different pricing plans:

  • Team — $25 a month per user
  • Commerce —$30 a month per user
  • Enterprise —$50 a month per user

This software shines the most in the lead management arena. It has an all-around view and information on leads, integrates information of leads based on social media, and assists them as they go through the entire sales process.

6. Brightpearl

Brightpearl is a great sales software for retail management, particularly those trading at $1 million or are looking to in the next 12 months. Prices are available when you request a quote.

Its most standout features are those for order and inventory management. It can inform users about real-time information on stock levels and help decide when to reorder based on historical data. It also automates accounting processes.

7. TradeGecko

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Tradegecko sales software

If you are a wholesaler or a distributor looking for a great inventory management tool, then TradeGecko is a great sales tool for you.

It gives a centralized view of both customer and supplier information. TradeGecko can provide accurate customer insights based on historical data.

Aside from that, users can keep track of inventory across multiple channels and various processes.

This tool also makes it easier to produce sales reports. You can modify sales history reports based on either the product or variant, the customer, or even the sales representative. The same applies to the sales order reports.

No matter which sales software system you choose, it’s crucial that you take into account your business goals and needs. There isn’t a universal sales software that will fit all businesses, so it is essential to cross-reference and make use of free trials to know which software is best for you.

Which of these sales software systems have you used and have worked well for you? Let us know through the comments section below!

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