How To Keep Your Sales Team Motivated While Working From Home

How much do we rely on in-person experiences to keep our teams motivated? With the current global pandemic shifting the workforce to work from home, so many people are in new territory. Having passed the first few weeks of working in this new environment, it’s more important than ever to continue upping your sales team motivation methods.


In this article:

  1. Lead from the Front
  2. Be Supportive
  3. Check Targets are Fair
  4. Coach
  5. Make Human Connections
  6. Remind Them of Their Value to Society
  7. Be Consistent

Remote Sales Team Motivation Tips

Lead from the Front sales team motivation

Your teams are very much aware of the situation we all face, and so ignoring that could have a negative effect. Continue to communicate in real-time with employees, but get a real insight into what challenges your team faces, and offer ways to support them.

Be Supportive

Your team members might be dealing with things you can’t see, so check in on them regularly and be straight up. You will need to be available via video conferencing where you can get visual clues from them when asking questions.

Check Targets are Fair

business man looking at graphics and diagrams on a computer | Check Targets are Fair | work from home

KPIs might need adjusting to suit the change in work. If this is the case, use it as a tool to motivate your team from a level playing field. If you had employees who were facing challenges, focus on what adds value to your business now, and get their buy-in.


Coach sales team motivation

Continue to take the opportunity to make improvements and make improvement plans. Teams will be wanting a regular, steady routine, and so carry on doing what you always did in terms of coaching, you just have to be more creative about how to get the data. 

Be specific about what you want from your team and take action if that is not happening. Check they are maintaining activity and managing customer relationships.

Document coaching sessions, so employees know your expectations. Provide templates, examples, walk-throughs, etc. A good way for your team to monitor progress is to have them ghost-write notes from clients to add to your 1:1 coaching meeting. This way, they can pick up good habits from you and stay motivated to try something different.

Make Human Connections

Bearded young man with glasses holding a meeting with coworkers | Make Human Connections​

Ensure your team knows that they need to be authentic when it comes to having conversations with customers. In a home working environment, every interaction with a customer is more special because of the situation, and it is more valuable because it was harder for the customer to share their time and speak with you or your team. Remind your team this as it is likely to motivate them to have more substantial conversations with their clients, ones that really count. One way to implement this is to have your team call every client (where possible) and just ask them how they are doing?

Remind Them of Their Value to Society

Ensure your team knows that they are contributing to the economy in a very powerful way. They are essentially keeping the wheels of their industry turning. If your team can still deliver your product as a valuable item now, then continue selling, but it has to have meaning to customers; otherwise, responses from clients can demotivate staff.

Be Consistent sales team motivation

The things that don’t change calm people, so stay consistent in your management approach to.

Key Tips

    • Lead from the front
    • Don’t neglect the coaching and support
    • Check that people are ok
    • Be a steady rudder
    • Be in front of your teams (via video link)
    • Maintain your schedule
    • Give guidance

What top tips do you have to keep your sales team motivated? What’s worked, what’s not working remotely? Share your experiences in the comments section below.

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