Salesforce AppExchange Delivers Quality Leads

Screen Shot 2015-04-28 at 7.55.06 AMCongratulations to our friends at Salesforce. The AppExchange has reached the milestone of 3 million installs.

Much like Apple built the iTunes Store and app ecosystem for the iPhone and iPad, Salesforce has built a vibrant ecosystem for business apps around its CRM. The AppExchange is the marketplace for business apps that leverage the capabilities of Salesforce. Companies looking for additional solutions to enhance their Salesforce experience search the AppExchange for answers.

Here at XANT, we have grown our business thanks in part to the high-quality leads we get from the AppExchange.

“Leads from the AppExchange are more qualified and close at a much higher rate than most lead sources,” says Thomas Oldroyd, senior director of marketing. “The AppExchange generates hundreds of high-quality leads every week.”

PowerDialer for Salesforce is the No. 1 communications platform on the AppExchange for over five years, and we look to repeat that success with the new Vision email tracking product.

Customers are encouraged to write app reviews to give real-world information and experience. Here are a few examples of our reviews:

“With roughly the same allocation of time, dials, contacts, and appointments are all roughly up a third. Click-to-Call is a huge time saver. I recommend for anyone doing sales development or inside sales.” – Mike Kelly

 “We are in the process of full implementation and have already gained productivity 15 percent just with the Click-to-Call features. We had ring central in the past with all of its problems and most of those concerns have gone away. The callers are happier and our prospects are happier with much clearer communication from us.” – Tim Hunter

Thank you, Salesforce, for continuing to build a robust ecosystem and support third-party applications. Here’s to another 3 million installs.


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