Epic Salesforce.com Infographic on Lead Response Research

Salesforce InfographicSalesforce.com included a ton of XANT’s research in an epic infographic about Online vs. Offline Leads.

Some of the highlights from the infographic include:

  • Companies that respond immediately and persistently to leads experience a 340 percent lift in results.
  • Only 0.9 percent of companies follow the best practice of contacting a lead within five minutes.
  • The average cost of a lead generated by traditional outbound marketing is $373, while the average cost of an inbound lead is $143.

The Salesforce infographic references multiple articles written by XANT President and Founder Ken Krogue. Find links to some of these articles below:

Why Companies Waste 71% Of Internet Leads

Face-to-Face Closes 2.5x Better, But Inside Sales Makes 7x More Calls

The Great Marketing/Sales Disconnect: Industry Study Reveals 36% Of Leads Never Called

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