The Secret Message In The Apple Keynote For Entrepreneurs

If there was ever a coming out party from Apple on the topic of AI (Artificial Intelligence), the latest product launch event was it. Apple has staked its claim and its future on AI by including a myriad of AI-powered features in its new iPhone X handset.

Concepts like “neural engine,” “AI,” and “machine learning” were used in various forms throughout the Apple event, especially in the first few minutes of their biggest announcement of the iPhone X.

The new handset uses facial recognition with its applications of neural networks in animated emojis as well as live lighting adjustments in photographs. Apple also introduces a new custom-built chip called A11–a neural engine that can process 600 billion operations a second.

This is an incredibly important development, especially considering that Apple has been lagging behind other companies when it comes to AI.

A WSJ report notes that Apple has only published four research papers on AI,  while major players like Microsoft and Google produced dozens. In our XANT survey of 1,985 individuals across the U.S. and Europe, Google beat Apple in brands consumers trust in regard to AI by nearly 20%.

AI is the future, and Apple (along with every other big company) knows it.

But there’s another secret message hidden away in the Apple launch event. I looked at this in detail with the co-founder of XANT, Dave Elkington.

Read the whole post on Forbes magazine to find out what the secret message was at the Apple keynote.

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