XANT Joins ParityPledge, Supporting Women Leaders

XANT announced last week that they are fully committing to the ParityPledge. The initiative meant to pave the way for women in leadership positions. The ParityPledge asks companies to commit interviewing at least one qualified woman for every open position – vice-president and above.

The ParityPledge Increases Diversity In Leader Positions

The ParityPledge was inspired by the NFL’s Rooney Rule.  The Rooney Rule improved diversity at leadership levels of NFL teams. It requires teams to include a more diverse slate of candidates in the interview process. In just three years, the Rooney Rule helped increase representation of African Americans in team leadership positions from six percent to 22 percent.

XANT was among the fast-growth companies to take the pledge such as Accompany, Domo, Lyft, Pluralsight and Qualtrics.

“The Parity Pledge provides simple steps for all business leaders to make better decisions to achieve gender parity — especially for executive and leadership roles.  We are proud to partner with Parity.org and make the pledge,” said Dave Elkington, co-founder and CEO of XANT, according to the Business Insider.

The lists of founding companies to the ParityPledge includes the fashion giant Ralph Lauren Corp. and the tech titan Cisco.

paritypledge logo

According to research from GrantThornton, only 24 percent of senior business positions were held by women in 2015 (up slightly from 22 percent in 2014).

Almost four in ten businesses in G7 countries have no women in senior management positions. The study also found that in 2016, 33 percent of companies had no women in senior management roles.

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