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I learned an awesome phone skill from one of our lead gen reps at the office this morning. Travis Turner is a lead generation superstar, and I mean that in every sense. He’s been with our company close to three years, solely in a lead generation calling capacity.

On average, Travis makes between 200 and 300 calls every single day he works. No, I’m not kidding. Every single day for three years. And he’s nowhere close to being burnt out by it, because A. he’s very, very good at it, and B. our dialer system automates and reduces the normal headaches of phone dialing so much that making 250 calls in eight hours simply isn’t an onerous task.

The tip he taught us was this:

When you get to a decision maker’s voicemail, rather than waiting the 20-30 seconds for the message to play, “Hi this is Bob/Jill, VP of Blah blah at Company X, I’m not here, leave me a message and I’ll get back with you,” press either a 1, 0, or # on your phone, and skip straight to the “beep” to leave your message, saving you 10-30 seconds per voice message call—and when you’re making 200 calls day, that’s 30-100 minutes of time you’re simply not wasting.

If you want to see an interview with Travis, go here:

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