Sales Management – “Hello, Massive Disconnect? This is Your Friend, Crappy Performance.”


I bumped into this post on The New Sales Economy, and thought it was a worthwhile read on inside sales best practices (thanks to Trish Bertuzzi for the link).

Using The Bridge Group’s data, author Chad Levitt asks nine highly relevant, incisive questions about the current state of professional inside sales.

I was particularly interested in one of the questions—”Is there a disconnect between sales management and front line sales reps?”—because in my experience, even the best organizations occasionally have holes, or disconnects in their sales process.

For example, when we did our 2008 Lead Response Management Study, we were shocked to discover that 45 percent of the top 500 companies in terms of Web marketing budgets didn’t even respond a single time to a Web-generated lead.

So why do disconnects like this happen?

Most of the time the root causes are very simple:

  • Organizations simply don’t understand the value of the action they’re not taking (e.g., immediate response to Web inquiries = dramatic increase in qualified leads).
  • There’s no incentive for someone in the organization to monitor the activity (i.e., because no one understands the value, there’s no expectation of accountability).
  • The process they have in place is too inefficient to get the expected benefit (lack of automation, inability to get information to the parties fast enough).
  • Changing the process seems like it “takes away” from “more important” activities (i.e., “We need our sales reps and managers selling, not managing leads”).

The bottom line becomes massive disconnect, sales reps not hitting quota, and managers griping about sales performance.

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