The Official Inside Sales Song

Those of you who attended the AA-ISP Leadership Summit 2011 in Minneapolis, MN got to hear the first rendition of “It’s a Great Day to be in Inside Sales” performed by yours truly, Ken Krogue. I was going to say “sung by” Ken Krogue, but it wasn’t really singing, more a form of belting, or actually yelling might be a closer description.

Click below to view the live performance!

Open in a separate window – The Official Inside Sales Song by Ken Krogue at AA-ISP

But it’s official, Bob and Larry from AA-ISP agreed that we now have an official inside sales song:

It’s a great day in inside sales, best day I know
It’s a great day in inside sales, every where I go, go, go
Goodbye “no” and “never”, goodbye doubt and fear
It’s a great day in inside sales so be of good cheer
I feel health, I feel happy, I feel terrific!
I love living, loving, and being a high performance individual!

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